The Science of Dental Implants in Cyprus

the science of dental implants in cyprus

There has been a revolution in modern dentistry that offers patients reliable and long-lasting solutions to their teeth problems. The advanced techniques used by medical professionals in Cyprus, restore the smile on the patient but also enhance the overall oral health. In this blog post, you can learn more information about the science of dental implants in Cyprus.

The Basics of Dental Implants

Dental implants are also known as artificial tooth roots that are typically made out of titanium. This material is extremely durable and long-lasting, making it an excellent solution to teeth issues any patient could have. The implants are also very compatible with the human body and they are surgically placed into the jawbone and create in this way a strong foundation that replaces the damaged teeth.

Osseointegration: The Key to Success

The success that dental implants have had in Cyprus over the past few years, connects with the process called osseointegration. This translates to the fusion of the implant with the natural bone tissue and in this way, it effectively anchors it in place. The integration creates a stable and durable foundation for the artificial implant and its installation.

the science of dental implants in cyprus

Customized Treatment Plans

Each patient has a unique anatomy and it requires a very specific and tailored treatment plan. Larnaca dentists along with the patient have a very thorough consultation and they assess any factor including bone density, gum health and the overall oral condition. In this way, the medical professionals create a personalized treatment and they plan a unique procedure to ensure the optimal results.

Implant Restoration: The Final Touch

Once the procedure is complete, the custom-made dental crowns are affixed to the implant. The implant can also be a bridge of a denture, always considering the patient’s needs. Also, the implant can be crafted in such a way that it can match the colour shape and size of the natural teeth. This creates a seamless application that is aesthetically pleasing and matches the natural structure of the patient’s face. 

Long-Term Benefits

Of course, there are many long-term benefits that dental implants can offer. For example, they provide exceptional stability, and they allow natural chewing of speech. Unlike any traditional methods, the advanced techniques eliminate issues of slippage or any kind of discomfort. Also, they stimulate the jawline and they prevent any bone loss that usually comes with tooth loss.

By choosing a dental implant for your teeth you are reclaiming a confident smile and you are preserving your oral health. Make sure you get in contact with Dentists Larnaca and book your own consultation so the experienced dentists can start planning your tailored procedure.