Panoramic X-rays in Larnaca

They provide a wide, comprehensive view of the entire jaw. The machine rotates around the patient’s head and captures an image that shows all of the teeth and surrounding oral structures. It is an important and useful tool that helps us make the correct diagnosis.

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panoramic x-rays in larnaca

Mainly used to:

  • Evaluate the development of the teeth
  • Identify potential issues with the jawbones
  • Help plan wisdom teeth extractions
  • Plan orthodontic treatments
  • Detect problems with the TMJs (temporomandibular joints)


We ask the patient to bite down on a small plastic device in order to keep their head in the correct position and then the x-ray machine will rotate around the patient’s head. We recommend that you take a panoramic x-ray every 3-5 years – unless advised otherwise by your dentist. It is an easy, quick and completely painless process.

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