Dental Care for Seniors in Cyprus

dental care for seniors in cyprus

As people get older, their dental health and needs change. The risks regarding their dental issues increase and the symptoms start to appear. It’s extremely important for people to understand how age impacts their health and how to maintain it at good levels. So, here you can learn about dental care for seniors in Cyprus.

One of the biggest challenges and problems seniors face is a dry mouth. Less saliva is produced as people age and this problem can conclude in even more issues. For example, saliva helps wash away food particles acids and bacteria, so without it, there is a very big risk that infections and diseases will develop.

Elders who have dry mouths then should consider drinking more water and avoiding foods and drinks that will make their mouths dry such as alcohol, and caffeine and avoid smoking. There are many types of products such as mouthwashes and toothpaste that can help to stimulate saliva production.

Gum disease can be another issue that is very common for elders. When the mouth gets infected and inflamed, it can lead to bleeding, swelling and even tooth loss. Gum disease can appear for different reasons such as a weak immune system, certain medications or even poor dental hygiene.

Elders should avoid such issues by brushing their teeth twice a day and regularly having check-ups and cleanings at their dentists. If gum disease is developed, then it is better to seek treatment so the elder can prevent further damage and save themselves from unnecessary pain.

Moreover, there is a very increased risk of oral cancer, and it can be very common among elders. Oral cancer can occur in many parts of the mouth, such as the lips, throat and tongue, and can be very dangerous if not detected early.

People should avoid smoking and excessive alcohol drinking to reduce the risks of cancer. Moreover, it is important to consume many fruits and vegetables, and have a healthy diet in general while also regularly visiting the dentist for check-ups. Some of the symptoms of oral cancer are a sore mouth, visible red or white patches in the mouth and gums and difficulty in speaking and swallowing.

Taking care of your dental health is extremely important especially when you reach a certain age. As people get older their bodies and system become weaker and so does their oral health. Make sure to get in contact with Dentist Larnaca and book your appointment.